Missouri High Stepper's Vision

Missouri High Stepper's Vision

To provide members with a sense of purpose, a commitment to excellence and an understanding that all members can become productive and successful contributors to the Missouri High Steppers, our communities and our society.

Missouri High Steppers' Mission

Missouri High Steppers' Mission

Provide opportunities for growth and development through enrichment activities centered around character building, leadership, health and life skills, education, career, sports, recreation, fitness and the arts.

Utilize a group of positive, committed, caring staff and volunteers to serve as role models.

Inspire and enable all youth to realize their fullest potential and help students become responsible, productive and caring adults.

Enhance services to youth and parents by partnering with other organizations.

Provide a safe place for youth to learn and grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Travel throughout the United States and abroad, performing intricate and rigorous routines for a variety of venues.

The Highsteppers Creed

I am responsible for the decisions I make in this life. I am the one who determines who I am, what I do and what I will become. Compassion and hard work are my tenets. Gentleness and resoluteness my hallmark.

I will strive to maintain a positive attitude about life, to work hard at every task I undertake and to persevere in the face of life’s difficulties.

I pledge to be a role model to others and to make empathy and kindness my personal guiding light.

Suaviter in modo, Fortiter in re.
(SWAH-wih-tehr ihn MAW-daw FAWR-tih-tehr ihn ray)
Gentle in manner, resolute in deed.
Missouri High Steppers

Donate to the Missouri High Steppers

Please support your local high stepper group. Your financial donation will serve to help the Missouri High Steppers to do things like purchase new uniforms and travel to competitons. Without the funding of our partners it would be impossible for us to be where we are today. The Missouri High Steppers gladly accepts donations of all shapes and sizes.

To donate by debit or credit card please click on the "Donate" button below and you will be taken to our PayPal page.

Or if you prefer to send a check: Make checks payable to Missouri High Steppers and mail to:

Missouri High Steppers
c/o Rolando Berry
PO Box 365
Columbia, MO 65205

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